"Transforming lives while creating healthier minds and bodies" 

Healthy Transformations Counseling provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services to adults and children with mental health and substance abuse related disorders.  We strongly believe that although individuals may suffer from traumatic life experiences, these experiences do not have to negatively impact their lives forever.  Our approach focuses on the total person, connecting the mind, and the body.  By addressing the issues that impact individuals psychologically, we believe that stronger minds lead to healthier bodies.  Individuals who are committed to making change can be most successful during treatment. 


  • We believe that every individual has the right to respect, dignity, privacy, freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • We strive to assist individuals with being the best versions of themselves while maximizing their full potential.
  • We are a culturally and linguistically diverse organization that respects the differences of individuals receiving services, their families, and our community.
  • We communicate the importance of cultural diversity regularly to the staff and to the target population served
  • We value and promote personal development and professional growth for all members of our staff and individuals receiving services.